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 ↓ Memory
 ↓ Common Constants
Speed of Light
π - Pi
e constant
Constant of Gravitation
Acceleration of Gravity
Planck constant
Boltzmann constant
Electron charge
Faraday constant
Electron Rest Mass
Neutron Rest Mass
Proton Rest Mass
Avogadro's number
Golden ratio
 ↓ Full Funcion List
Trigonometric functions
Sine function
Cosine function
Tangent function
Hyperbolic Sine
Hyperbolic Cosine
Hyperbolic Tangent
Invert of Sine
Invert of Cosine
Invert of Tangent
Invert of Hyperbolic Sine
Invert of Hyperbolic Cosine
Invert of Hyperbolic Tangent
Basic functions
Square Root
Floor. floor(1.8)=1
Ceil. ceil(1.1)=2
Round. round(4.66)=5
The sign of x
Logarithm and Exponent functions
Logarithm of base 10
Logarithm of base e
Logarithm of base b
Exponent. The value of ex
Power. The value of x y
Functions that get two values
Greatest common divisor
Highest value of x and y
Lowest value of x and y
Least Common Multiple
A random num between a,b
Geometric Series Sum
nCr. num of combinations
nPr. num of permutations
Function that not get any value
A random num between 0,1

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